Rosita Handcrafted Ratfish Liver Oil™

One of Nature's Rare Wonders

Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™

Nutrient data from independent analytical testing

Our oil contains a wide spectrum of naturally occurring fatty acids, fat soluble nutrients, antioxidants and naturally occurring biologically active alkylglycerol lipids.

Each serving (10 drops/0.5 ml) provides these naturally occurring nutrients (values quoted are minimum values)#:

  • Vitamin D3: approximately 475 IU (for 1 teaspoon = 4750 IU).
  • Vitamin A: this fat-soluble vitamin has been harder to accurately measure and the testing Institute has said this is likely to  be because of the unusual lipid composition of our ratfish oil.
  • Vitamin E: 0.22 mg.
  • Vitamin K2: testing for K2 in marine oils is not yet accurate so we have not tested for this vitamin.
  • Whole range of fatty acids: omegas 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, etc.
  • Total n-3 PUFA: 27 mg.
  • EPA: 12.2 mg.
  • DHA: 8 mg.
  • Total n-6 PUFA: 11 mg.
  • Phytosterols: campesterol, stigmasterol, and ∆5-avenasterol.
  • Alkylglycerols: value range 14.4 – 30%. Ratfish liver oil has a very unusual lipid composition because it is an exceptional source of rare biological lipids called Alkylglycerols. Research suggests that these lipids have various physiological effects including immune-supporting properties. It is likely that a lot of the properties of ratfish oil that made it a favourite amongst the ancient Nordic Vikings may be due to the presence of Alkylglycerols.

#This is an 100% unprocessed oil and so nutrient levels will vary from harvest to harvest, in accordance with natural seasonal and geographic variations. We will NEVER add or take anything away from our oils. The levels are what you would find present in the oil of a "living" wild fish liver.

Please note: we will be performing ongoing testing with all of our oils.



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